Food packaging

Fruits and vegetables produce ethylene gas that causes it to ripen. Ethylene changes the color of green tomato from pink to red and a rose bud or carnation to open to a beautiful flower. The rate of ripening depends on the amount of ethylene gas. Our sachet contains palladium-impregnated activated carbon and is prepared to take care of above such problems and keep your products fresh and avoids ripening them. Off the shelf activated carbon has lower affinity to adsorption of ethylene. The adsorption of ethylene is enhanced in our carbons because of impregnation of palladium (Pd) in our activated carbon, which acts as a catalyst and allows stronger adsorption of ethylene.

Use of our sachets helps in lower food costs and wastage, which is achieved by extending the life of your fresh produce by 3-4 times longer. It also helps in removal of moisture. The sachet is easier to install. It can be used in refrigerator, food storage, food packaging, and related applications.