Carbon rolls

Activated carbon is one of the most effective and commonly used sorbents for removal of a wide range of odors and gases found in the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential settings. Our carbon rolls are made from impregnation of fine activated carbon into non-woven polyester and are available in a variety of sizes (width and thickness). The optimum loading of carbon offers low resistance to air flow required for adequate performance.

Carbon roll is ideal for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units, such as air cleaners, air purifiers, ductless hoods and over the range ovens. Large volume of pores in our carbon rolls allows efficient and safe removal of smoke, pet, cooking and chemical odors. We have the experience and expertise to work with original equipment manufacturers to design and develop superior carbon rolls that is made specifically for that customer's application.

We have the capability to make specially designed carbon rolls for you.

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