Chemical and Biological Defense

The need for versatile, rapid, low cost environmental monitoring of high volatility toxic gases for defense and industrial accident protection has increased dramatically in recent years due to growing concerns over terrorism and chemical agents use in warfare. Our sorbents can be used as a direct replacement of sorbents currently used in thermal desorption systems. HydrophobU is a special sorbent with improved sorption capacity and selectivity, which can be used to reduce the weight, size, power consumption, and physical or logistical burden of protective systems. Our adsorbents show potential for use in chemical defense applications, atmospheric gas sampling, as well as industrial protection applications.

Adsorbents for these applications need extremely high adsorption capacity for a wide spectrum of high volatility toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) at trace concentrations, while simultaneously retaining the ability to work in humid conditions.

In addition to regular powder based adsorbents, we have the capability of making sorbents in variety of form factors such as sheets, foams, fibers, etc. We can also customize sorbents. Furthermore, our sorbents can be used to increase filter and gas mask efficiency to meet emerging threats. Our adsorbents can improve protective systems for both filtration and percutaneous protection. If you are interested in evaluating our sorbents, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We also offer metal impregnated carbon and high surface area metal carbide - porous carbon composite (WC/C, Mo2C/C, etc.) to increase the adsorption efficiency of high volatility TICs.

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